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We like to think of ourselves as the best paving company in Miami. Let us show you why!

We have the equipment and manpower to handle ANY size paving job in Miami. From asphalt driveway paving, to parking lot installations, to warehouse asphalt resurfacing, we can handle it all. 

Residential Asphalt Paving - We are experts in driveways. If you need asphalt driveway resurfacing, sealcoating, or patch repairs done - We’re the team for the job. No job is too small for Miami Asphalt! 

Commercial Asphalt Paving - Parking lots are our specialty! We offer new parking lot installations, pre-construction drain laying, parking lot resurfacing, parking lot sealing, parking lot striping, patch repairs, and more! If you need parking lot maintenance in Miami, look no further! 

Industrial Asphalt Paving - We have the knowledge, equipment, and paving crews to handle any sized industrial paving job. If you need warehouse repaving, multi-level parking lot maintenance, truck stop paving, gas station asphalt paving… Any industrial job you may have, we can do it!

For all your asphalt maintenance and installation needs, call your friendly asphalt contractor in Miami first!

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  • Asphalt Driveway Installs
  • Driveway Sealcoating
  • Driveway Resurfacing
  • Asphalt Driveway Repairs
  • Driveway Crack & Pothole Filling
  • Driveway Widening
  • Driveway Lengthening


  • Parking Lot Repairs
  • Parking Lot Sealcoating
  • Parking Lot Signage
  • Parking Lot Striping (Line Painting)
  • HOA Roading
  • Drain, Curb, Sidewalk Repair
  • Condo Association Asphalt


  • Warehouse Repaving
  • Warehouse Asphalt Repair
  • Drainage & Stormwater
  • Industrial Roadways
  • Gas Station Paving
  • Mall Parking Lots
  • Truck Stop Paving

Your 5-Star Rated Paving Company

We at Miami Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating are constantly leveraging our expertise as one of the leading paving companies in Miami.

You can count on us for a smooth experience and long-lasting quality in driveways, roads, commercial parking lots, an industrial asphalt paving.

Our asphalt paving company has a team of experienced licensed asphalt contractors that are specialized in a wide range of seal coating, asphalt maintenance, asphalt repair, and asphalt paving services. Over the years since our founding, we have served a long list of commercial, industrial and residential clients from major markets such as shopping malls, apartment complexes, churches, and warehouses.

We can rest assured that our equipment fleet is well-suited to large-scale projects, enabling us to complete asphalt maintenance work on a tight schedule. Our experienced paving crews are used to working with strict schedules and organizing their work with other provided services throughout various stages of construction.

So what are you waiting for? Let's talk about your upcoming project. Call Our Team Today: (786) 755-3710


Below are the most common asphalt services we provide to Miami-Dade County, FL:

New Asphalt Installations Miami

We provide a long-lasting and properly installed pavement. We have laid thousands of new asphalt installations. We have the knowledge and expertise to get it right, the first time.

When starting fresh, you want the best quality work possible - an asphalt paving company that won't cut corners, and give you a long lasting driveway, parking lot, or warehouse pavement - all at an affordable price.

We take pride in the quality of our asphalt paving. It’s durable and flexible, which is great for homes with large trucks. 

If you're considering a new  asphalt pavement install in Miami, then pick up the phone and give us a call. We will happily come out and give you a free, no obligation quote. Call:   (786) 755-3710

HOA asphalt paving installation in Miami
freshly performed asphalt resurfacing in Maimi

Asphalt Resurfacing Miami

If your pavement has seen better days, but still has a sound base, an asphalt resurface  can be an excellent option.

This involves filling any cracks, potholes or low spots, then laying fresh asphalt hot mix over the top, using the existing pavement as the base.

This can be a quicker and cheaper option to a complete repave, and the results are excellent! You will be left with essentially a brand new driveway or parking lot, without the brand new price!

Resurfacing can only be performed on existing asphalt that has a very good condition base layer. We have seen and done it all, and our asphalt experts will happily come and assess your driveway, parking lot, or industrial asphalt application. We can inspect your blacktop, and ensure the base layer is in good condition before recommending a resurface.

An asphalt resurface can be an excellent option to increase curb appeal - that fresh jet black look just can't be beat!

If you're considering resurfacing asphalt, get in touch with us! We'd be happy to help.

Asphalt Sealing & Sealcoating Miami

Seal coating is the process of spreading or spraying a hot liquid layer over your asphalt pavement. It provides a beautiful dark black finish which can rejuvenate and freshen up your pavings surface.

Sealcoating also provides an excellent protective layer - blocking out damaging UV rays, and deflecting moisture.

In general, your driveways should be sealcoated every 2-3 years, parking lots every 1-2 years, and industrial asphalt applications can between 1 and 3 years. All of these figures are rules of thumb only, and can vary greatly, depending on the amount of traffic and exposure to sun and rain.

Sealcoating parking lots is a great way to freshen up the look of your business. We offer a sealcoat and line stripe package - where we seal your parking lot, and re-stripe all of the parking lines and signs. Ask us about a seal and stripe discount!

Any large cracks or potholes, sealcoating will not fill. It's always best to have pot holes filled or patched, and cracks filled before sealing asphalt.

For any questions about our sealcoating service in Miami, give us a call! (786) 755-3710

Sealcoating Service Miami, FL
paver performing an Asphalt Patch repair in Miami

Asphalt Patch Repair Miami

Do you have potholes that need filling? Low spots that collect water? Cracks that are getting bigger?

We can help!

We are the experts when it comes to asphalt repairs. We offer asphalt patching in Miami, pothole filling in Miami, and crack filling in Miami. When combined with a sealcoat service, we can have your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or industrial asphalt site looking like new in no time!

Any cracks or potholes you may have will only get worse with time. Water ingression is a major cause of asphalt degradation. Once water gets down to the base layer of limestone, it begins to erode away, and the asphalt layer on top will sag. This can cause a whole multitude of asphalt problems. So if you have any cracks or potholes, give us a call first. We can repair these before they get worse!

So if you need any asphalt maintenance in Miami, you know who to contact! We can offer you a free quote, with absolutely no obligation. Our expert pavers will do their best to give you honest, sound advice.

Parking Lot Sealing and Striping Miami

If you are an owner of a commercial business, medical center, or multi-family property, you know that providing a safe parking lot is an important part of building maintenance. Your parking lot serves as your focal point since this will be the first thing your visitor will see.

Clear signage and striping is important. We can help you freshen up your parking lots lines with some fresh striping. We can help ensure your parking lot is in compliance with the ADA, by making sure the correct signage and striping is in place for all accessible or wheelchair parking spaces.

Ensuring the signage and lines are clear in your parking lot will help to alleviate any confusion with drivers, and will make sure you're not susceptible to any lawsuits in the event of an accident!

Our parking lot professionals can provide you with a free assessment of your property and recommend a parking lot maintenance package that suits your needs and budget.

Sealcoating and striping in Miami, FL

Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance Miami

Having a nice and smooth parking lot paving is important in Miami in order to avoid possible incidents and damage to vehicles. 

As time progresses your parking lot may experience changes in the structure of the asphalt that eventually produces cracks and potholes, so it is very important to have regular maintenance to avoid further deterioration. 

Regular parking lot maintenance can actually save you money in the long run by expanding the lifespan of your parking lot and mitigating the need for a complete replacement.

Have you asked yourselves,” When is the best time to have your parking lot repaired?

There are a few key indicators that will guide you in the right direction. Large amounts of "alligator" cracking are generally a sign that work needs to be done. Of course, if you notice massive potholes or the parking lot is in a general state of disrepair, it's the best time to give us a call. If you see a few small cracks distributed sparingly over the entire lot, you may only need a few hours’ of crack sealing service.

Any crack left unattended, however, will only get worse over time. We always advocate preventative maintenance to avoid future repairs.

We also install speed bumps, bollards, wheel stops and signage! Anything parking lot related, we can provide it!

Industrial Asphalt Miami

Our industrial asphalt team is well equipped, and experienced. We have the equipment and paving crews to ensure your industrial asphalt project is completed on time, and on budget.

We have worked on many industrial projects, from large outdoor mall parking lots, to industrial warehouses, to agricultural installations and farm roads!

If you need a bid for an industrial asphalt project you have coming up, give us a call! We would be more than happy to offer a free, comprehensive quote.

We at Miami Asphalt Paving value the trust of our customers and work our best to satisfy their needs. With years of asphalt paving experience we are your local source for all of your asphalt paving needs. 

HOA and Condo Association Paving in Miami

We have special discounts for Homeowners Associations and Condo Associations!

If you need HOA road maintenance, speed bumps, bollards, or wheel stops installed, we can help you out!

We've worked with many HOA's over the years, and will always do our best to offer competitive pricing and timescales for repeat customers.

If you have any type of asphalt paving work for your condominiums, apartments, or gated communities in Miami - we are here to help!

Call: (786) 755-3710

Asphalt Milling in Miami

If you need asphalt milling in Miami, we are fully equipped to handle it. Our asphalt milling machines will ensure that your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or road maintains proper drainage, and doesn't get too high when the asphalt is resurfaced. We can mill asphalt any time we do an asphalt overlay, if required.

Blacktop Paving Miami FL

Blacktop is really just another name for asphalt! Blacktop is often used when referring to residential driveways and private roads - but really it's just another type of asphaltic cement! If you need someone to take care of your blacktop driveway in Miami,  or blacktop parking lot in Miami, don't hesitate to give us a call first. We will arrange one of our friendly crew to come and out give you a no obligation estimate - free of charge!

Artificial Grass and Concrete Driveways & Patios

Artificial turf with concrete pavers is an increasingly popular option for homeowners. While providing a modern and sleek look, it is also a very durable and low maintenance option.

We are experts in combining concrete with artificial grass, and have years of experience doing it. There are a few obstacles to making this combination last for the long term, so make sure you hire a contractor who knows what they are doing.

Take the guesswork out, and give us a call. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. As always, we offer free quotes too! (786) 755-3710


Asphalt is a popular paving material.... and for good reason! Below are some reasons to choose asphalt for your next project:

The Environmental Impact of Asphalt

Easily Recycled

Did you know that asphalt is one of the most recycled materials in America?

Approximately 100 million tons of asphalt pavement material are recovered each year. About 95 percent of that 100 million tons is reused in cities and highways, saving taxpayers money by lowering road costs. Asphalt has a key further attribute in that it can be 100% recycled without downgrading its functionality. 

When recycled asphalt pavement is used, the quality of the asphalt pavement is improved. Because of the mineral fillers and organic fibers added to the recycled materials, they have a higher cracking resistance. Other advantages include:

  • Improved asphalt stiffness

  • The decreased likelihood for cracking

  • Reduced rutting susceptibility

Ease of Installation and General Maintenance


Quick Installation and Easy to Maintain 

Asphalt is often considered superior to concrete for certain paving projects because asphalt is much easier to work with than concrete.

  • Asphalt can be installed and used more quickly than concrete.
  • When asphalt requires maintenance or replacement, only the top layer is normally repaved; the base and middle layers are considered permanent, making it less expensive than concrete.

Asphalt paving materials may need more preventative maintenance, but this helps to keep the asphalt looking and performing like new for a longer period of time. Concrete, on the other hand, quickly wears its new appearance. Asphalt pavement, with adequate maintenance, will last for more than twenty years before needing to be replaced.

Incredible Cost Efficiency

Asphalt pavements have a lower initial construction cost and maintenance, allowing agencies to pave more with less funding. Typically, concrete is around 35% more costly than asphalt.

Site preparation is one of the most complicated and crucial steps in the installation of your any asphalt pavement. You'll definitely need a specialist since it takes heavy equipment and expert knowledge. This is why it is crucial to hire a quality asphalt paving company in Miami. Our experienced and qualified team of asphalt contractors will get your driveway, parking lot, or industrial pavement installed properly.

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We have paved thousands of miles of asphalt, and have many satisfied customers all over the Miami-Dade area.

We're experienced, cost effective, and produce a quality product. What's not to like? If you were searching for an asphalt paving company near me, then look no further! Miami asphalt are the team for the job.

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